Cleansing Device Comparison: Clarisonic vs. Foreo Luna vs. QYK Sonic ZOE

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This is a Cleansing Device Comparison video. I’ll be comparing the benefits of the Clarisonic Brush, the Foreo Luna and the QYK Sonic Zoe. Watch all the way through to find out why Zoe is my favorite cleansing device and check below for my QYK Sonic DISCOUNT CODE for 10% OFF + FREE US SHIPPING! ***DEAL ALERT - use my code to get the original Zoe in Hot Pink or Baby Pink for only $99, valid till 2/14/19!***

Cleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine, so why not do it more effectively?!

Make sure you’ve watched my video on Why Cleansing Is So Important!

Using a cleansing device removes 99.5% of dirt, debris and bacteria from the skin, making it exponentially better than cleansing with hands alone.


The Clarisonic
This is a great option if you are diligent about not only cleansing your skin BUT cleansing your device! If you do use a clarisonic brush, make sure to wash you brush head after EVERY USE and replace it EVERY 3 MONTHS!

I also strongly suggest you use their Luxe Cashmere Brush Head, . It’s gentle nylon bristles effectively cleanse the skin without causing any topical irritation like some of their other brushes.

Anti-microbial Silicon Cleansing Devices:

Foreo Luna,
If you already have this device, FANTASTIC! It’s a great device. It’ll last a whole year on a single charge and is a great multi-tasker. It cleanses on one side and has an anti-aging mode on the reverse side for product penetration.

But if you don’t already own a cleansing device, I recommend Zoe!!

QYK Sonic Zoe,
With over 2,000 silicon touch points and an innovative petal design, this device cleanses all the hard to reach areas of the face AND offers an anti-aging product penetrating massage that mimics a micro needling treatment! I love this device and I think you will too!

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