a huge, AeStHeTiC room decor haul!! 🏠✨ ikea, daiso, urban outfitters & more!

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hiya friends! this sunday, i'm back with a huge room decor haul to get y'all in the mood for decorating your space :) i don't know why i don't do these more often because i truly love making my home feel more like.... well, home! especially after the whole moving around 3 times in one year, i think it's time to finally start settling in a place that's a lot more stable and happier than where we've been. we can't wait to share the end result of how this room turns out as it's quite big and has a very interesting shape to it-- being that it's an attic and all. anyway, let me know your thoughts or how you've been.. talking to y’all is my favorite part about making videos!

more to come soon!

xox diana

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☞ mai accents by marzia

flounder dish - http://bit.ly/2TJiyGs

☞ ebay

totoro-themed watering can - https://ebay.to/33EKakq

☞ ikea

coffee table - http://bit.ly/2KW6QUz
(i couldn't find the exact colorway on the site but this is indeed the style!)

glass mugs - http://bit.ly/2ZldRYF

art poster - http://bit.ly/2ZcnIQa

couldn't find their collection of art posters online but if you find their bigger art posters for the collab irl, you can also find the smaller ones together in a pack.

☞ urban outfitters

cow print mini fridge - http://bit.ly/30g3EK1

similar floral duvet set - http://bit.ly/2z8E91w

hanging baskets - http://bit.ly/2KQwOcc

water bottle - https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/printed-glass-water-bottle?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=095

☞ anthropologie

mosaic coasters - http://bit.ly/2HemWYI

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this video was made in collaboration with lull mattress! all opinions are 100% my own :')