Hilarious experiences we all went through

Hey guys, have you ever been in a situation that made you want to hide from the world and never to return? Trust me, we've all been through some embarrassing, blushing moments. So, in this video, we are taking a trip down memory lane for some funny moments.
- In the first clips, I show you what it really feels like to be a girl and the struggles we all face. For example, how exhausting and painful it can be to wear high heels. So do that, I asked a guy if he could wear high heels and we compared our abilities.
- But let's not forget the true art that goes behind having extra long nails. So, in this video, I again asked the same guy to do the long nails challenge and see how he does it. The challenges of typing on your computer, picking up things undoing the zipper and even typing on your phone.
- Ok, one of the most challenging things is applying fake lashes. So, in this video, I am showing you a buddy of mine trying the most demanding part of our makeup-routine. He gets it now.
- I am showing you a few hilarious clips of two types of girls, that you can definitely relate to both. With the way they wear their clothes, the way they take care of their nails, and even the ways they do their makeup.

0:07 - What it feels like to be a girl
0:33 - Men try long nail extensions
0:53 - Guy tries a bra for the first time
1:25 - A guy tries to apply false eyelashes
1:47 - A guy tried the charcoal peel-off mask
2:26 - When guys try to put on lipstick
3:04 - There are two types of girls
4:39 - When girls get their makeup done
7:13 - Getting their nails done
8:56 - Bloopers
9:21 - Genius hacks using tights
10:54 - Hilarious makeup fails
12:58 - The struggles of mascaras
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