Fabulous single story home for 15 Lakh | Home tour

Today we have come up with a Fabulous single story home for 15 Lakh. It is a budget home for 15 lakh with 3 bedroom. Mentioned price is only for construction. Interior and furniture price are not included. This home is located at Tirur, Kerala. This house has area of 1200 Sq ft. The traditional and contemporary style has combined in this house. The front view is amazing. Lets get into details.
Designing and engineering
Aneesh Seams - 9847211150
Material details
Flooring - Tiles
Walls - Lateritestone
Windows and door - steel
Roofing - concrete

This home have 3 bedroom with attached bath, living , dining hall, common toilet , kitchen and work area.Overall we have explored a nice home in budget with contemporary style along with traditional. The bedrooms are enough spacious. And all the requirements are covered in this single story home.
Exterior look as well as interior looks are fabulous.

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