Darth Vader Helmet Part 2 (Strengthing the Paper) Craft Dad

Part 2 to crafting Darth Vader's Helmet for my son. I have finished putting together the inner part of the Helmet and I am now trying to harden the card stock paper so that I can safely add worbla without crushing or burning the under structure. The wood glue hardens when it drys, something that I also found out is that when used on paper, it retains some flexibility, not so much that I think it would allow the paper to easily collapse while I work with it.

Part of the reason that I did not just put the worbla straight onto the paper is my concern that without added heat resistance I could get up burning the paper when I apply heat from the heat gun, the wood glue allows me to add the heat without fear that the paper will easily burn. Now, if I focus the heat gun on one spot for to long the paper will still burn.

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Items Used:
120 Weight Card Stock Paper
Titebond II Premium Wood Glue
Foam Paint Brush (Soaked up to much wood glue)
Synthetic Hair Paint Brush (Worked nicely)
Plastic Cup (Hold the wood Glue)