Making Our Marimba

Edit December 2016: My homemade marimba ("Simba") is still in great condition after about 2 years of use. We have transported the marimba five or six times to local performances. It fits (barely) in our small car! Despite having some bars whose sound quality bothers me, I am extremely happy with the overall quality of my practice marimba and know that by learning by doing through this process has helped me become a much more knowledgeable percussionist. Not to mention the indispensable practice advantage of having my own instrument at my fingertips when I'm home!

This is a video documenting most of the process we went through when building our homemade marimba! :) We bought the plans from (I am not affiliated with them, just appreciative of a thorough product!) It is 4.5 oct, and just over 7 feet long! We worked for roughly a month on it (nearly every day for a couple of hours.) Total material cost for the marimba was around $850.

(Music: Spanish Dance comp/played by Kai Stensgaard)

Thanks for watching and please feel free to ask any questions!