Cars Birthday Party Ideas DIY/ Party Games / Cars Party Decoration (Anniversaire Cars) Idées de jeux

Planning for a Cars Children's party at home and looking for some ideas?
In this video,I will show how the games are executed.Since it's winter time here in France,we held it inside the house.It's cold outside.I have to prepare some games for the children to be entertained.
1) The toilet paper game - The kid who fully unroll the tissue paper wins.
2) The Hanging toys game - We call it Pabitin in Filipino.Goodies are tied on a suspended frame or wooden lattice.The kids have to grab the toys when the suspended frame or wooden lattice goes down.
3) Pinata - The kids have to pull the string and whoever got the right string that pulls down the pinata got a prize.All the kids enjoy the candies,toys inside the pinata box.
4)Distribution of goodies - at the end of the party,my son gave a bag full of goodies to every kids who attended the party.

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