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In this video tutorial, I will share with you a DIY lamp/lantern that consists of 12 flower units made from paper cups. This lamp is in the shape of dodecahedron. I hope you enjoy this craft and do not forget to check out other items like the cardboard lamp and paper cup light in the 'creative reuse' playlist (

This lamp is about 20 cm in diameter. If you are interested in making this lamp, please use a light bulb that is around 5 Watt.

A frequent question I got asked is how to select the light bulb. For any paper lampshade, I would recommend using low energy or LED light bulb that does not exceed 15 W. In reality, the 5 W LED light bulb should be more than sufficient in the regular environment. The choice of warm or cold color light is really a matter of personal preference. Proper installation of your light fitting/fixture is also important. When the light bulb is included in the lamp, allow space between the light bulb and the lampshade. If all of these are implemented, the lamp should be pretty safe.

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