Guide: Downgrade Printer Firmware (Fix Ink Not Recognized Error) Epson XP 300 to XP 630 (XP 640 646)

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Note: On some 440+ series and 640+ you can try an alternate combo: STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER. On 830 and other touch screen models you can try holding the TOP-RIGHT corner of touch screen and POWER button for 15-30 seconds until power light comes on.

A quick guide demonstrating how to downgrade your printer's firmware to fix "ink cartridge is not recognized" errors caused by printer companies attempting to block third party ink.

This video is for the Epson XP series of printers (300-630) but the same general approach can be applied to most printers. You just have to find out how to enter recovery mode and then find a copy of the older firmware to transfer.

XP-630 and XP-640 Old Firmware Download:

Epson XP-630 2015 Firmware (NQ10F8):

Epson XP-640 2016 Firmware (NK10G8):

NOTE: For XP-640 Epson has changed or removed the firmware upgrade method that worked on the XP-630. Instead try STOP + LEFT + DOWN + POWER to enter firmware update mode (white text).

You may also find WIC Utility of interest; the free version can query many printers to detect older firmware versions and list them for review, but to actually downgrade using this software instead of manually as described in this video costs $20 per reset.

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