55 Gallon Drum Meat Smoker Build

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My buddy Pat approached me with the idea of converting a 55 gallon drum into a meat smoker. I told him I had no idea how to smoke meat, but he said as long as I handled the welding that he would handle the smoking. Deal.

We found an old oil drum sitting around on the farm and after cutting the top out, started a fire inside to burn off all the oil residue. The next day, we started fabrication by building a fire basket that'll go on the bottom of the drum, we weld air inlets around the outside bottom of the drum with valves that'll control the airflow and temperatures inside the drum, we build a lid to go on top, and lastly install the meat rack towards the upper part of the drum. A couple weeks later was Pat's birthday, which we thought would be a great opportunity to invite a bunch of friends and family over to try out the brisket that we (pat) smoked all through the night.
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