MGP Caliper Covers Review and Install

MGP Gloss Red Caliper Covers:

Greg from CARiD is in the shop and getting a close look at some sweet MGP brake caliper s. These brake covers are a great alternative to an expensive massive brake kit, not to mention big brake kits can take a lot of time to do and if they’re done wrong, it can be a real pain. That’s why Greg decided to look at these red caliper covers.

First, a caliper cover catches your eye. If you’re looking at a nice set of wheels, those brake calipers really stand out so if you scrimp on them, it can be a real eye sore. Of course, like we mention in the video and here—getting some sweet brake covers can be a viable alternative to a brake kit. And sure, you can buy stock calipers but if you paint it incorrectly, the finish won’t last and the job can be a real mess. If you want them powder coated, it also won’t be a breeze. You’ll have to disassemble the entire caliper and send them out, you’ll be without your vehicle for days and will be paying out a lot because the shop must do the work.

This MGP caliper cover makes your life much easier—and your ride that much sweeter. They’re much cheaper than a brake kit, but yet they’re not cheap. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, they’re lightweight and durable. They hide your ugly stock calipers and reduce the brake caliper temperature all while protecting your wheels from brake dust. This means a lot of things like, less time cleaning your wheels. Not too shabby!

These MGP Covers come in many options—from logos to colors and finishes. The standard has the MGP logo and is offered in gloss, red, yellow, black or matte black. If you want something custom—the brand can do it. Whether it’s matching your covers to the color of your car or changing up the carbon fiber, MGP can do it. These are really a great bang for your buck!

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