Gio 140cc Dirtbike Ride, 17" front and 14" rear tire

Dont let the brand fool you, This bike is a very good value. I Paid $1000 Brand new in a box from a dealer in Saskatchewan Canada. DONT OVERPAY FOR YOUR BIKE IF BUYING ONE, Dealer retail price (what you pay) should be between $1000-$1200 set up, may offer you one though auction for as low as $700 delivered to your front door. I am 5"6" 140lbs for referance to size

Also Things to note:

1. I spend about 4 Hours Setting up the bike, locktighting the bolts everywhere (frame, motor bolts, rear sprocket, brakes, forks and tree's), tuning the carb (not perfect yet), changed oil and many other percausions to make sure the Bike was built and prepared in the best possible way.

2. I have years of experiance with chinese ATVs and dirtbike, setting them up and getting them ready to ride. I Have seen lots of people selling "Ready to Ride" bike out of there garage that are put together at the bare minimum in about 20 minutes.

3. MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE YOUR OIL OR IT HAS BEEN DONE WHEN BUYING A NEW BIKE...... Thats why lots of people blow Motors

4.. I ride my bike extremely hard for what it is designed for and it takes it, motor is extremely peppy for what i expected.

5. My bike is bone stock expect a Performance CDI unit and a clutch handle (broke mine crashing). I also turned the rear shock 2 turns looser to make the back suspension a little softer.

***Also i have worked on 2 other bikes for People who couldn't get them to run how they wanted. I found in both bikes including my own they were running Lean (to much air not enough gas). I Lowered the clip on the needle (inside carb, kinda attached to throttle cable) 1 notch to raise the needle up up and it helped alot. My bike also had a crack in the carb block (between carb and intake manifold) that was making it suck air and run like crap, Things like this happen with any manufacture and it works good now