Average Joe How to fly the Bf109 B 1/L (War Thunder gameplay)

Watch it here without the noise https://youtu.be/YLN_ifj0CKE

An average Joe (me) flies out a Bf 109 B-1/L in a War Thunder realistic battle in search if a Bomber Rescuer or Fighter Rescuer award and, as usual, gets annoyed with my teammates.

To sum up, for this plane you want to be using a gun convergence of 300-400 meters (I was using 400 meters in this video) and stealth ammo belts, as you should for all 7mm guns. The optimum climb speed in 190 km/h. The elevator suffers from compression at high speed so it's easy to lawn dart this plane if you are diving toward the ground.I just got lucky in this video as the opposing team were mostly all low and didn't seem to be the sharpest knives in the draw. This plane isn't a great plane, hence the 1.3 Battle Rating, so I wouldn't expect to get too many kills with it unless you get lucky (playing in UK or US prime time probably helps but this isn't really possible for me). Having a ping lower than 300 probably helps allot as well but once again, this isn't really possible for me.