LFC#34 MacBook Pro Liquid Spill Fix

NOTE: As with all of my older videos, I feel that this video is not representative of my modern skills, knowledge, or tools. However, I leave them online to show the development and learning process. This video does show the basic approach to 'damage control' and can still yield a fixed laptop, but keep in mind that this isn't the be-all and end-all of repair methods.

Supplemental update: Unfortunately despite the fact that I did get the laptop running again, there was still permanent damage to the logic board that caused the same symptoms as overheating - CPU speed throttling back to useless, and emergency fan speed. I did record another video covering this, but the job was a bust, so I ended up binning the video.

However, this method for cleaning up laptops does still offer a fair success rate, so I'm leaving this video up.

Original Post: Clean up job on a liquid damaged MacBook Pro - includes Logic Board removal and cleanup procedure.