You have a lot of cups and plates but they are too boring or even old and broken? There are so many cool crafts that you can make using cups and plates! These unbelievably cool crafts are easy to make and they are also very cheap. Learn how to decorate your house on a budget and make amazing presents for your family and friends.
Let’s begin with the unique painting technique called fluid acrylic painting. You may use this technique to decorate plates. You will need a kitchen sink filter and paint different colors. Watch full tutorial in our video!
We have one more incredible idea of how to fix the plate or sculpture and also to decorate it, mix glitter and food safe epoxy glue together. Cover the edges with glue and join the pieces together while applying light pressure to squeeze extra epoxy out. You can choose any glitter color and your broken plate will look glamorous!
Another cool and easy way to decorate cups is bubble painting.
The supplies you will need dishwashing soap, water, acrylic paint, and straw. Mix all the ingredients in a glass and blow bubbles. Then cover the cup you want to decorate with bubbles. Have fun!
Candles are perfect items to create a special atmosphere at home for any occasion and to redecorate your home easily! Learn how to make beautiful candle design with me! In this video, I'll demonstrate great ways to reuse old candles and make brand new ones: egg with a toy inside, dragon egg and a lot more!
You can make a cute little papier mâché hot air balloon that is a very cute décor idea for a kid’s room. Supplies you will need are a paper cup, twine, paper, balloon, and glue. Cover the inflated balloon with PVA glue and cover the balloon with paper pieces. While the balloon is drying wrap a paper cup with twine and attach 4 sticks using a hot glue gun. When the balloon is ready, pop it and unstick slowly. Put led fairy lights inside the balloon and place the balloon on sticks. Moreover, kids can use this cute balloon to play 😊
Old forks could be reused as hooks for clothes. Looks stylish!

00:17 Fluid painting
01:13 Broken plate trick
01:57 Bubble painting
05:10 Cheap way to decorate a t-shirt
07:52 Creative homemade candles
11:45 Glowing cloud

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