How to Make Your Own Dice Set | 24k Gold RPG Dice

Decided I needed to represent the best metal and color of all time, with some truly beautiful looking 24k gold dice!

Sorry for the content drought, life happens sometimes, but I have a new line of stuff waiting and ready to go!

Unlike my other shotgun/skittle dice, because the gold is so thin and so light, these dice are actually balanced and can totally be used in tabletop play! The metal in the dice doesn't weight them down at all, and they spin perfectly fine in the test that I did with my saltwater balance setup. No different than any other chessex clearish dice did.

You could totally have dyed the resin a different color if you wanted maybe a royal blue and gold set, but I really wanted to highlight the gold, which is why I also didn't paint the numbers with anything flashy or distracting, just plain old white paint.

Amazon link to the mold material I used. It's on sale often, I got it for 20 bucks.

I also used dixie cups, pop-sickle sticks, gold (duh), pipettes, and casting resin. Make sure you use casting resin, or it will probably come out tacky.

If you know me at all, you know I love me some gold. Almost all my dungeons and dragons, dnd, characters have gold incorporated into their theme in some way shape or form, and now I can bring that magical metal into my hands and roll for the fate of the realm!

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