Girls, this video is full of tips that will help you to solve small but very annoying everyday problems. Do you know how to prevent overhanging toes in open-toed shoes? Even is your sandals look incredible, this problem may spoil the whole look. Watch the video and find how to solve this problem using a hot glue gun! The next problem is a real disaster! Yellow teeth, ugh! We know a natural way to whiten your teeth! In a bowl, mash strawberries, add baking soda and stir properly. Clean your teeth with this mixture and you will love the results! You can easily create perfect eyebrow contour using a toothpick. Yes, this is the easiest way! If you are a fan of matte nail polish, you can achieve this effect at home. Cover nails with your favorite nail polish. And place fingers over a boiling pot. But be careful as it could be very hot! Remember that it’s highly important for your health to sleep at least 7 hours a day. Otherwise, you will have health problems and your face will be bloated and dark circles will appear. Check out this cool recipe to look fresh in the morning - make patches from aluminum foil and freeze. Apply aloe vera gel under your eyes and cover with patches. Cellulite is a real catastrophe especially if you are going to the beach. Try to make a perfect scrub at home. In a bowl, mix coffee and honey. Massage your legs using this scrub. Repeat for several days. Remove underarm hair using out the cool recipe: mix coffee, lemon juice, and toothpaste. As a bonus, you will find a cool and inexpensive way to color your hair using washable markers.

00:35 How to whiten your teeth
01:30 Matte manicure
02:02 Hair mask for dandruff
03:06 Anti-cellulite scrub
08:29 Contouring tutorial
11:39 How to clean the flat iron

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