Gorgeous Resin art demo with red black and gold #fluidart #resin #epoxy #asmr #lerez #DIY

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Huge thanks to #Suzanadancks for creating these excellent products.

I used LeRez Expressions products in this video. The colors I used today were sassy red epoxy pigment paste, glitz & glam suncatcher powder heres the link to Laura's store, for u.s. orders.


Here is Suzana's website for international orders.


Links to Suzana Dancks and Laura's art corner YouTube channels.

To prep my substrates (vinyl records) I cleaned them off well. Took a 3m sticker label and covered the hole on both sides of the record. Then I took them outside on a nice day. Wore my respirator and sprayed both sides with a flat black spray paint and primer in 1. I also tapped the back with electrical tape. Electrical tape is amazing for resin drips. They peel right off. Super easy.

Check out my resin art tutorial video, I show you step by step how to mix your resin, pigments and pastes.

I used pro marine supplies resin on these piece's. I ordered it straight from their website. https://promarinesupplies.com/products/crystal-clear-bar-table-top-epoxy-resin-coating-for-wood-tabletop

Artisan mica pigment powders from Amazon is where I got my onyx mica powder. Here's the link

Link to mehron gold powder from amazon.


Rustoleum oil based paint I picked up at Walmart. I wouldn't recommend it for resin.

Also if you are looking for a fun fluid art group to join on Facebook come over and join this awesome drama free group.

United we pour with Tammy and Lisa


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Safety Disclaimer
Before you create ALWAYS read all of the instructions and safety labels on all of the products you are going to use. I am no expert I am just sharing the way I like to create art and any tips/tricks I have learned along the way. ALWAYS wear proper safety gear when working with resin and paint. I ALWAYS work in a well ventilated area. Also always wear nitrile gloves and a full face respirator when I work with resin. Remember to have fun and be safe when you are creating. Thank you :)