Stabilizing Wood With DIY Vacuum Pump

Wood stabilizing is the process of injecting resin in wood by evacuating all the air present inside the wood via vacuum. Doing this create a stable and hard wood that is not affected by moisture.

Vacuum chamber built in this video:
And pid oven built in this other video:

I bought the stabilizing resin here:
Cactus Juice:
I don't have any affiliation with but they offer a nice and fast service. Highly suggested for Europe supply!

Index of operation and materials:
0:20 Wood weigh before stabiliziation
0:35 Checking moisture content, needs to be as close to 0% as possible
1:05 Drying wood with pid controlled oven. 12 hours at 105°C (221°F)
1:50 Taking wood out of the oven before it cools down and placing it inside a sealed container so it does not absorb moisture
2:04 Leave wood to cool for couple hours, now moisture is very low.
2:31 Weighting down wood pieces with steel so they don't float in the stabilizing resin
2:40 Completely covering in stabilizing resin
3:08 Slowly raising vacuum to prevent excessive bubbling
3:47 Taking to maximum vaccum and holding it for 4 hours or untill bubble stop rising
4:14 Slowly releasing vacuum. Wood needs to be left soaking inside the stabilizing resin after releasing vacuum. (I left overnight 12 hours)
4:32 Packing each piece individually in aluminum foil
5:07 Lefover resin can be collected and used over and over
5:22 Curing resin (stabilizing resin activates with heat) 2 hours at 95°C (203°F)
6:27 Scraping excess resin

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