DIY Geothermal Greenhouse Part 7: Earth Battery MISTAKE!

#116 After starting to build our DIY EMT electrical metal conduit (1.25") greenhouse two years ago, we are finally back to completing this project.

We readily admit we are not experts at this (we are not engineers, greenhouse experts, or thermodynamic scientists), but a family doing our best to do it all ourselves and install based on all that we have read or watched on YouTube (don't believe everything you see on the internet) to date and in line with our limited budget. Based on comments on videos, we already know some things should be done differently. Hopefully, it still works well enough, even if not optimally. We plan to share the results regardless.

In this video we must admit a mistake and correct it. The supply, return, and manifold originally installed were too small. So we're fixing that and trying to do a better job of explaining the whole system.

Background on the project: Our farm homestead came with metal pipes in the ground from a former 16' x 50' hoop house. It also had water lines run from the farm well (which also needed to be restored) and a 60 amp electric service. In the first video we installed the 1.25" EMT conduit that serves as the frame. In future videos we'll frame the end walls, run electric, and get the plastic cover on in time for winter.

Each rib or section of the greenhouse consists of three 10' pipes, no cutting. They are joined by stock EMT connectors. The two outer angles are 117.3. The ridge angle is 125.4. Sides are 6' tall. Just over 10' to the ridge. 16' wide.

Ultimately, this will be a double wall plastic film greenhouse.



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