Tutorial #38: Trap Snare/BMG Snare | YOU Can Beatbox

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Welcome back to YOU Can Beatbox. Please, before we continue, if you guys can smash the like button and give this video a thumbs up, I’d be forever grateful. Today, we’re a new snare which most people know as the BMG Snare, like this [demo], but a lot of other beatboxers use it like Alem, Gene and others.
This snare uses exclusively lip power and no air from your lungs. While it relies on a simple concept, it might take a bit of practice to get the right consistency. Think back to when you were a baby or any of the sounds that people make for a baby. You can make one type of sound by pressing your lips together and forcing out air [demo]. That’s a simplified version of the BMG snare. By forcing your lips together, it creates this sound of tearing and crunchiness that sounds kinda weird.
To transform this into the BMG snare, make this as strong as you can and prolong this into something substantial. You want the sound to be consistent, without too much variation. And the more you practice and the longer you beatbox, the stronger your lips will be and the more punch you’ll have behind this snare. Make sure that you’re doing this sound without any air from your lungs, since then you wont be able to do it with a bassline. I hope that’s a complete explanation so let us do two practice beats. But remember, this is a snare, so it can replace any other snare when you practice.

That wraps up the BMG snare and thanks for watching. Again, if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and click on the subscribe button for more beatboxing and youtube content. Thanks for watching YOU Can Beatbox and next time we’ll be looking at Tom Thum’s synthesizer sound [demo].