Tips for air screw adjust on Keihin PWK38 (S) Carburetor 2 stroke Dirtbike Motor

If you enjoy or benefit from this free Entertainment, Blog, Industry News, How-To and DIY Help page, Please Donate so that we can do more videos that might help you and other people - Basics on what to listen for when adjusting your air screw for most 2-stroke dirt bike motocross bike. This is a 2009 Yamaha YZ250 with a Keihin PWK38 (S) Carb. Atlanta GA. May 22, 2016. 80 degrees out. Middle humidity. For those who are clueless, when the idle gets really low due to the air screw being closed off too far, I have to keep the bike running with the throttle, otherwise I would have to restart the bike every few seconds. Completely pointless. That is why I give it some throttle every so often during this demonstration.

I check my air screw every ride.

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