Unboxing and Test Review Cheap Chinese Dual Action Airbrush .35 nozzle

Unboxing and testing of a cheap Chinese aibrush. The airbrush is available for $15 on eBay and can give you comparable results with airbrushes priced over $200.
Probably it won't hold as long as those, but imagine how many you can buy for the same price.
The manufacturing quality of the airbrush is lower compared to Iwata or Harder & Steenbeck, but the price is 10 times lower. If you need a spare gun, this is a good way to go, just in case something happens.
With the Iwata or H&S airbrushes, spare parts are often pricey and they don't stay in stock with most of the shops. So in case you are in a middle of an airbrushing session and you make a mistake with the expensive gun you are using, this one hear is a decent substitute. Not only that, I can assure you that many modelers out there use those airbrushes daily, and the expensive ones quite rare.
The quality of the gun is not excellent, but is decent. The price is unbeatable. Needles sometimes aren't perfectly centered, but a novice and even intermediate modeler won't note the difference.
If you have a stable and reliable compressor, filters along the hose and steady hand, you will barely note the difference.
Cheap Chinese airbrushes aren't that bad as you might think of. Of course, it is better to go with the highest quality possible, however some of the modelers out there have different priorities and this one is for them!
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