How to Make Foam Shoulder & Gauntlet Armor, Tutorial.

I'm the Evil Ted who makes props and costumes. I’ve worked on Star Trek Into Darkness, Walking Dead, Fifth Element and Guyver, among lots of others. I've made pretty much everything out of every material, but foam is my favorite.

I'm here to share my skills and shortcuts, and help you learn how to make foam costumes and props, too.

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How to make a duct tape body form

How to make a Head Cast

Head forms

Male body dress form

Female body form

TNT Cosplay supply foam.

Floor mats

Foam rubber tubbing

Cutting mats

Barge Cement

Barge in tube

Dermel 200 tool

Knife -Box-cutter

X-ACTO Knife

Metal ruler

Flexible ruler

Blade Sharpener

Heat Gun

Wood burner

Propane Torch

Belt Sander

3M 77 spray glue

Glue Pot

Mog Podge

Kwik seal

Weldwood cement, great for sealing foam.

Plastic dip spray

Ballon latex

Black proline tint

Latex tint

Spray gun

Spray gun repair kit

Future Floor wax

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