How to Get Blood Out of Mattress Using Vinegar & Hydrogen Peroxide (Home Remedies)

Knowing how to get blood out of mattress helps to keep it in top shape. Removing blood stains from your mattress is no easy task but with our methods you will get it done in no time. Click here to watch all tips.

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How to remove blood stains from mattress with vinegar?
You spend a third of your life on your mattress, so it's bound to get stained eventually. It is always terrible when your mattress is stained with beverage, urine or even blood. These are some of the common stains found on the mattress. Blood mattress stains are one of the scarier stains to have, and mattresses are one of the more confusing items to clean in general. While it may not seem like a big deal since you can easily hide them under linen, when the linen comes off, the stain is still there.

How to get dried blood stain out of mattress?
Getting rid of dried blood stains, especially from a mattress may need more effort and time. The quicker you're able to tend to the blood stain on your mattress, the easier the removal process will be. Blood dissolves in cold water so the first go to for removing blood is to soak and remove using cold water.

How to remove old blood stains from mattress using hydrogen peroxide?
There are a number of ways you can try to remove blood stains on your mattress, from hydrogen peroxide, baking soda to cold water. To get blood stains out of a mattress, you must first remove as much of the excess blood as possible, followed by a thorough cleaning of the area.

Check out this video for an overview and follow our steps to get rid of blood stains on your mattress.

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