Old rusty lighter 4 Restoration

In today's video, we'll show you how to clean an old old gasoline lighter.

I bought this rusty lighter at auction. The lighter was in poor condition, very rusty and inoperable.

Something y history:
Petrol lighter
Petrol lighters are mostly metal and in the lower part there is a container in which the lighter body is inserted. The inside of the body is filled with cotton wool or other sucking substance that absorbs combustible material (mostly technical gasoline) and holds it from evaporation. A wick is introduced into the lighter body and moistened with combustible material. When crossed out, flammable mixtures are ignited, causing a flame.

Some types of lighters have an area around the wick protected by a special part that is perforated and allows the flame to burn even when the wind blows or falls to the ground. This technology is patented.

The best-known gasoline lighters are Zippo products, which guarantee their users quality. The company provides a lifetime warranty on all its lighters. Another worldwide brand is the Austrian IMCO with almost a century of tradition in the production of gasoline lighters of its own patent known in the Czech Republic also under the name "rakušák".

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