Unboxing Hatchimals Glittering Garden Series! Which One Will We Get?

After opening over 100 little Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, Sue has decided to open a large one and to see who's inside! Sam is eager to help her, he even knows a special ritual for hatching eggs. Sue isn't sure that it's a real ritual, but, in any case, the egg is hatching! Watch the video to find out which cutie they get!

Hatchimal is a plush, chubby little creature that comes out of an egg. Some are similar looking to penguins, while others have horns, antenna, and so on. Each Hatchimal will learn how to walk, talk, and play games as it goes through the five stages of its life: egg, hatching, baby, toddler, and kid. Its eyes will change color to indicate its feelings (red if it’s mad, purple if it’s hungry, orange if it needs to burp, and so on). You pet it, you feed it, you teach it things to say.

Freeing this furry creature from the egg will take from 10 to 40 minutes. You have to rub, touch, and tap the egg to coax the creature out. When it’s ready, you’ll see “rainbow eyes,” as in its eyes will start to glow from inside the egg, changing colors every second. Then the little one will begin to peck its way out. You can help it by removing pieces of the shell. It makes the most adorable sounds, too!

Let's hope Sam becomes friends with the Hatchimal and they will happily play together all day long.

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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