Hey Bargain Family! Today, I'll be showing you how I made this mirror using Dollar Tree products. Totally looks like it could be a dupe for something Pier One Imports would carry. I used foam board as the base of this mirror. I say this in the tutorial and I will say it here. If possible, try using a piece of wood. Doesn't have to be a fancy wood. Just think it will be able to hold the weight of the mirrors forever! The foam board and command strips do get the job done but I want to be cautious. You don't have to hang this up though. You can lean it on a mantel or use it on top of a mirror to have a mirror table etc. Possibilities are endless! I hope you enjoy.

Products Used:
White Foam Board
6 8in x 10in Framed Mirrors
2.5in x 3.5in Mirror Frames
Super Glue Fix All
Utility Knife (Razor)