#244: Timelapse Build of 40 Gallon Breeder Aquarium Rack DIY Wednesday

This is a time lapse construction video of the first aquarium rack in my basement fish room. It took weeks of planning and careful thought before I landed on this design. Important to note: there is 12 inches of air space above each tank, which is just enough to fit a 5 gallon bucket into the tank - and is just the right amount of space to work comfortably inside the aquarium with your arms. Also important to note: don't span more than 4 feet without a leg, otherwise your stand could bow under the weight. Equally important to note: if you are using acrylic aquariums, add a plywood bottom to support the entire foot of the tank.

To complete this project (2 racks) you will need:
-6 pounds of 2.5" deck screws
-8x styrofoam 37.5"x19"x1"
-8x punched flat bar steel ~54.75"
-27x 2x4x8ft kiln-dried lumber:
-12x full height uprights: 52.5" (cut a 30" piece on this board too)
-12x leg uprights: 15.5"
-12x second tier interrupted uprights: 30" (cut from board above)
-8x horizontal beams : 85.75"
-16x full length spacers: 15-7/8"
-8x short spacers: 12-7/8"
-4x optional beams to tie stands together: 44-5/8"

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