10 Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class | Pranks Wars for Back To School Ideas Rainbow Crafts

Now, it's time to back to school and you're having the idea of wanting to have a snack in the classroom without being spotted by the teacher. Join us to learn how to bring candy into class with the school supplies around you such as pen bags, combs, brushes ...

0:00 – Hairbrush Candy Stash
1:05 – Sweet Glue Stick
2:00 – Cookies Case
3:10 – Sweet Tape
4:25 – Sweet Marker
5:30 – Sausage In Wet Tissue Bag
6:20 – Chocolate Lipstick
7:30 – Sweet Paper Knife
8:40 – Cookies In Wet Tissue Bag
9:35 – Jelly Glue Stick

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