Brand New HELLRAISER LeMarchand Storage & Card Game Deck Box MTG Magic the Gathering Commander

In this video, I debut the prototype of my newest creation. The LeMarchand's Puzzle Box from the Hellraiser movie franchise inspired it. It is a deckbox that looks like the box from the movies! It'll hold roughly 150 sleeved cards and has a drawer for dice, counters and other bits. This makes it perfect for card game players and MTG standard plus Magic the Gathering Commander EDH players as well to hold their decks It will be available in both standard and deluxe editions as well!

About Me
My name is Roger and I'm the woodworking gamer. I've been involved in carpenty and general building for over 30 years. After an accident that left me unable to walk for 8 months, I decided to migrate my work to smaller handmade wood items. This channel will be a showcase of various diy tutorial video series, gaming livestreams, daily woodwork streams from my woodshop, but more than that it will be a way for me to share my skills with the world.

For the gaming side of things, I love my VR Oculus Rift setup and will be streaming mixed reality games there on the regular. Currently, Beat Saber and Space Pirate Trainer are my favorites.

For the woodworking side, I'll not only stream live from the woodshop, but also will have edited videos to help teach a few skills and showoff a few handmade projects that I make for fun. I enjoy casting epoxy resin and doing various fills on my laser engraved pieces!

On the laser side, I'll show you how to use my Epilog Mini / Legend EXT and will post tutorial videos for things like adding lights, designing projects using Corel, cleaning your machine, upgrading and etc.

Also, on the personal side of things. I'll post videos from time to time showing my life as it stands. Whether that's teaching people about my interests (Water Fasting, Keto Diet, General Health and promoting weight loss), or videos that I'll be directing to my kids directly...these will be very personal to me and I hope that you enjoy them or gain a bit of knowledge.

This is a list of commonly used items from my workshop. Any purchases made from any of these links will support the stream by earning me a small commission. Even if what you buy isn't on this list, just using the link to get to Amazon can potentially earn me a commission. Thanks for your consideration!

[Dewalt Table Saw](
[Various Blades for it](
[WEN Belt Sander](
[Various Grit Paper](
[Porter Cable Jointer](
[Grizzly 12.5 Inch Planer](
[Bosch Router Table](
[Router Bits](
[Skil Drill Press](
[Drill Bits](
[DeWalt Orbital Sander](
[Sanding Pads](

[Jorgensen 24" Cabinet Clamps](
[Irwin 6" Clamps](
[Irwin 12" Clamps](

#Streaming Gear
[Green Screen All-In-One Kit 9x15](
[Logitech C922x Pro Webcam](
[Logitech C920 Webcam](
[Microphone Setup/Lapel Mic](


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