Motorcycle Cleaning The Right Way To Wash a Motorcycle!

Watch this before next motorcycle wash!

For many of you to clean the bike is number one priority, I cannot say that it is the same for me, but I do it sometimes. In this video I will tell you how often and what I do. Make sure that you watch the entire video, because at the end I will give you 5 very important tips.
Last year on the way to Ireland and Scotland I stopped to see a friend in Switzerland. The first words he said to me were: “Man, did you ever wash your bike?” “Well… usually the rain does this job for me, but it was not raining very often in the last months…”
With few words guys I do it just few times per year and it is usually when I comeback from long trip.
Now you can say: Pavlin, wait a second, the title of the video was “The right way to wash your motorcycle”
Yes guys, and this is exactly what I plan to tell you now, the right way to wash your motorcycle. Not the way most of the motorcycle shops will try to sell you! So be patient and watch the entire video and I promise that you will have all the necessary information!
First and very important is to know that 99% motorcycle cleaners were made with lye, some kind of acid or de greasers. These ingredients may remove the dirt and provide more cleaning power, but they are detrimental to the plastic, rubber, vinyl and especially for the electric components of your motorcycle.
Even the simple water, without any chemical materials inside might damage your bike in a long term. At this point you might be confused a bit, but let me give you more details:
The bikes are made to survive in almost all weather conditions, hot or cold temperatures, rain or even snow, that’s right! All the electric components are sealed properly and the water cannot really penetrate and damage the important parts of the motorcycle.
So far everyone will agree with me, but I am not here to please everyone, the idea of my channel is to help you to take the right decisions, so this is what I plan to do now.
Let’s have a closer look on some of the important parts of the motorcycle. I will start with the control elements on your dashboard or handlebars. As I said already they are designed with the idea that the bike will be ridden outside in all weather conditions, yes they are robust, not waterproof.
Let’s check now some of the electric connections. You can see that they are even more open to the weather conditions. Yes, they will get wet during the way, but they will also dry quickly when the bike moves.
If you bandage it with electric tape with the idea to stop water going inside of the connectors it will have exactly the opposite effect, because soon or later the water will penetrate the insulation, but won’t be able to dry.
So if you don’t touch it they will works longer without any problems. Absolutely true, but nothing last forever! During the years or more important during this wet and dry situations, they will start oxidation process and when it happened some of the connectors will stop working. You can extend their life by adding some special electric grease or similar, but it won’t help that much.
Let me make it even more clear and show you few more examples. This headlight is waterproof, it has rubber gasket inside and it doesn’t matter how long it will be exposed on the rain or even drop it in the water it won’t be damaged. The same with this GoPro it is waterproof up to 10m or 33 feet, but again you can see how it is designed.
So until this point I hope that you get the point that nothing last forever and more you expose all the elements to the water faster the wearing process will be. Now you have add on the top all of the chemical materials I have told in the beginning of the video and you should be able to see the whole picture.
More you clean it shorter it will last! It is so obvious and simple, but somehow most of you miss this important fact!

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