How to DIY Doming Shrink Plastic Tutorial: Success or Fail

Hey everyone! I have a video showing how to dome/seal shrink plastic/Shrinky Dinks with different mediums of glazing.

I used:
1. Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
2. Elmer's Clear School Glue
3. Hot Glue (using Hot Glue gun)
4. Floor Varnish
5. Resin (I used UV resin instead of 2 part, but both works).

This is in collaboration with Abi from AtelierLorien and she shows how to dome/seal as well with 4 different mediums.


Doming is a technique to seal your shrink plastic or resin piece (same terminology used) as a finishing effect, most often results in a dome because of how the material adheres to all the edges.

I show the different materials and how they are successful or fails on doming.

***Please refer to my FAQ Playlist for tricks, tips and tools

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