Above Ground Pool Design Idea from Recycled Steel Dumpster

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Cool above ground pool design made from recycled steel dumpster. This unique above ground pool design can be done in short time because utilization of rectangular steel dumpster container. The effort to construct sturdy pool shell minimized. And another advantage to use recycled metal trash container is no need buttresses installation. To protect the bin, anti-corrosion paint applied ,and high-density foam insulation wrap the bin.
To create stunning appearance, the architect, Stefan Beese bring cool above ground pool deck plan design idea. The cool above ground swimming pool deck plan of this DIY pool project is inspired by Japanese bath design. Deck intended as a case box. The reused container is flanked by two wooden decks, while another side lined with wooden walls. First deck becomes storage of salt-water filtration system. At side of another deck, tiny wooden benches area created, that also become landscaping feature of this green above ground pool experiment. Interesting thing about the above ground pool decks is it made with modular system method. So, you can carry the pool deck structure if you move to…lets say finally your dream house.