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❖ Jay Lee is a specialized watercolor artist. Jay is showing how to paint flowers, nature and other techniques on the various tutorials offered.

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❖ 영상 시청해주셔서 감사합니다. 저는 한국사람이고요 유튜브에 영어로 영상을 올리고 있습니다. 몇몇 한국 분들이 댓글 달아 주시는데 너무너무 감사드립니다.

❖ 哈囉~~大家好,我來自韓國,因為老婆是台灣人,所以住在台灣。我的影片內容是教大家使用水彩畫及介紹不同的畫畫方法,謝謝你們的觀看!
Jay Lee 水彩課, 彰化 :
Jay Lee 水彩課, 台中 :

❖ Supply List
Paper : Strathmore Artist Papers (140lb, cold press), Saunders Waterford (140lb, cold press or hot press), Arches (140lb, cold press)
Paints : Holbein, Shinhan, Schmincke Akademie and Horadam Aquarell
Brushes : Normal watercolor brushes from one dollar store and chinese bamboo brushes
Palette :
Small One - Schmincke 12 half-pan box set
Middle One - AP. Magic Aluminium Palette E0021
Big One - SHINHAN Watercolor Aluminium Palette A30

❖ Music
Sweet as Honey by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

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IG, FB: @jayartpainting
E-mail : [email protected]
( If you have any questions please feel free to contact me )