DIY Concrete Countertop w/ HIDDEN TV LIFT || How to Make

This time I show to make a DIY concrete countertop with hidden motorized TV lift and Alexa-controlled LED lighting.
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As part of my ongoing bedroom makeover / renovation, I wanted to hide the TV that was sitting on top of my dresser, so I decided to make a built-in cabinet for a motorized TV lift with a concrete top. I made the concrete countertop using GFRC concrete, and I made the cabinet for the TV lift from plywood. This meant that I had to make the lid for the TV lift from concrete, which posed some challenges. I also embedded aluminum channels for LED strips into the underside of the concrete countertops. To top it off, I added an Alexa controller that allows me to control the LED lighting using Alexa or Google Assistant. I'm pretty happy how the hidden TV lift came out.


Dream Bed:
Soundwave Dresser:

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Alexa LED controller for RGBW strips:
12V LED power supply:
RGBW 12V LED strips:

Peel n’ stick wood panels:
Plutonium Paint:
HDMI/USB Wall Plate:
GFRC Concrete Mix:
AR Glass Fibers:
Cake Fondant Tool for perfect edges:
Helical Mixing Paddle:
Concrete mixer:
Colored concrete pigments:
1-part concrete sealer:
Black 100% Silicone Caulk:
Paste Finishing Wax:
“From Scratch” GFRC Recipes:
Concrete Screws / Bolts:

\\ TOOLS //
SawStop Table Saw:
Fine finish miter saw blade:
Melamine blade:
Cordless Circular Saw:
Cordless Miter Saw:
Cordless Hammer Drill:
Cordless Multi-tool:

A special thanks to for providing the TV lift:

Thanks also to Plutonium Paints for providing the spray paint:

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