How to Fix PS4 Controller with an Orange Light that Turns On Then Off (Conductive Film Solution)

In this video, I show you how to fix orange or yellow light on your PlayStation (PS4) controller. The common symptoms are...

1. Controller is dead or won't turn on
2. Orange light blinks when connected through USB
3. Can connect to PC
4. Can't connect to PS4
5. PS button seems broken

This simple solution is that you have to change the conductive film to get the PS button working again. This will allow you to turn on the controller without a USB cable and connect to your PS4.

0:05 The Diagnosis
0:53 Looking Inside the Controller
2:14 Testing after Cleaning
2:50 Trying to Reset the Controller
3:10 Testing the USB Port
3:54 Checking the Battery
4:29 Finally Got a Blue Light
5:09 Testing It with the Console
5:56 Testing Buttons with Computer
6:40 Trying the Pairing Method
7:47 PS Button Doesn't Work
8:26 Testing Controller with Known Working Conductive Film
8:54 The Problem
9:41 Summary and End of Video

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DS4 Windows fix that I mentioned in the video...