"Live Edge" Pallet Wood Slab and Maple Cookie Wall Art

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Power Carving tools used in this build are from Arbortech. It's a couple of tools I honestly think everyone should have in their shop!
► TurboPlane - http://bit.ly/2u36fYQ
► Contour Sander - http://bit.ly/2tVmTcW

CNC used on this build is the Inventables X-Carve
► http://bit.ly/2z2FJo9

My exclusive solution for hearing protection in the shop, ISOtunes PRO
► http://bit.ly/2uIsq7M

This piece is a table top or bench top idea that has been kicking around in my head for years and it evolved into what you saw me build in this video. I decided to go larger scale for a wall hanging piece for the Carolina Shoe offices. There are 2 materials joining together in the center at the Carolina logo and also at the inlaid bowties that are shaped to represent laces. On the bottom is a beautiful end grain slab of Ambrosia Maple Burl and on the top is a lamination of about a dozen different species of pallet wood into a random pixelated pattern. The piece is mostly meant represent the merging together of natural materials with manufactured processes to create something beautiful, just like you see at the Carolina Shoe factory where this piece will live. There's some other deeper things in there too, but I'll let you dig those out for yourself.

See the full build article for all of the details - http://bit.ly/2KA1Wi9

Evan & Katelyn's video - https://youtu.be/w1PFRmOCiDU

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