Dense Packing with Cellulose Insulation

This video expertly shows the process of dense packing exterior walls with cellulose insulation. It also demonstrates what happens when walls are "loose filled" with cellulose insulation (settling). Many contractors still use this older method, which typically involves drilling two small holes in the stud bay, rather than drilling one larger one and using a "fill tube" to access the entire bay.

Dense pack cellulose insulation is a superior method for insulating the exterior walls of existing homes. Dense pack cellulose insulation is an excellent solution because 1) It will never settle in your walls and 2) It provides an outstanding air sealing component to your exterior walls, adding to its insulating power.

Dense pack cellulose can also never catch fire because it is treated with borates, and it improves the safety of homes in the event of a fire because it slows the rate that a fire can spread (the fire cannot use exterior walls to envelop home).