Building Deer Hunting Blind

This is a video of progress pictures of me and my brother in law building a deer hunting blind. I didn't take pictures step by step, just pictures of the basics of the project

This is framed up much like a regular house. We used a 3/4 tongue and grove subfloor plywood called Edge Gold, and rain will not make it swell up or deteriorate. It was free, cant complain. The same plywood was used on the floor as well as the roof, with 3 tab shingles on top. The floor joists are all 2x8's

It sits on four 3-1/2 by 3-1/2 square metal post that are about 20 inches in the ground, sit in concrete. We hit rock-hard clay dirt and couldn't dig any deeper. We dug all the hoes by hand.

The "redneck" camouflage paint job:

We base coated the building with some cheap mis-tinted paint from our local paint store. We added a few quarts of black and brown and mixed it all together. Then we took some black spray paint, selected some good leaves from a local oak tree and spray painted over the leaf. Next, we took some tan and grey spray paint and shot "splotches" between the leaf patterns.

We will eventually put hinged painted plywood covers over the windows to keep the birds, wasp, and other critters out during the summer months.

We got an old piece of carpet and nailed on the floor inside to keep the noise down. Now its ready to hunt.

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