How to automate your Tesla

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iOS Requirements for automating your Tesla using NFC:
1. iOS 13
2. iPhone Xs, Xr, 11 or 11pro (only  devices that support background NFC reading without an app)
3. NFC Tags:
4. Stats App:

Android Users Check out MotherFrunker's Video here:

NFC: Near Field Communication
A secure way for to communicate with your phone to run commands and automations.

This will not work if your phone does not have reception as internet connectivity is required to communicate with car through Tesla

Can you do this from your Tesla app...sure but its so much easier to tap your phone and go. You can place these tags anywhere you want and have them do a multitude of automations from as simple as opening your frunk/trunk to complicated ones such as sending directions to your car and playing a podcast. What cool automations and placements can you think of to work with your Tesla?

To win an NFC automation startup kit which includes 3 NFC tags and a copy of the Stats App
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Video or Description on what automation you would create and use.

Send directions automatically to your vehicle
Unlock Doors & Start Car (great for Model S users who cannot do this with key)
Unlock Charger (great so you don't have to open a door to unlock charger)
Pre-Heat/Cool your car (use it in the morning or when your leaving the office

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