Ask GN 25: What is Fast Sync? RX 480 Endurance Update

This 25th episode of Ask GN focuses on monitor-GPU synchronization technology (V-Sync, G-Sync, Fast Sync), GPU binning, and PSU impact on overclocking. We also very briefly update on the RX 480 Endurance test with PCIe bus overdraw.


00:44 Nitay Haim: I have a 1080 and recently discovered fast sync i have a 60hz ultra wide and my fps is usually between 60-80 in the games I play should I turn it on?what does g sync is solving that fast sync isn't why should anyone buy gsync if there is vsync without stuttering or latency, love the chanel keep up the good work?

5:12 Jon Jacobsen: Will buying A card like the Strix guarantee you will get a higher binned GPU Then what you would find in a cheaper Asus card? Is it the cooler that makes the price difference??

6:40 Tuchulu: Also, question, are vishera chips still worth getting? or should I just wait for Zen??

8:55 GurtTarctor: Does the quality of the PSU affect max overclocking potential/stability? A few months ago I swapped out a second hand Bronze rated PSU which I think was 'tier 3' (on that ranked list that is out there) with a much nicer tier 1 Gold PSU, and recently I noticed that I was able to hit slightly higher stable CPU/GPU clocks than I was when I was using the previous power supply.

End: Endurance test update

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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