Antique Bottle Art/Women Theme Bottle Art/Altered Bottle/Bottle Art with Face By CreativeCat

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Antique Bottle Art/Women Theme Bottle Art/Bottle Art with Face By CreativeCat

My this Antique Bottle Art is dedicated to Women in our life. Lets Celebrate women for their role as Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives, Friends, Role Models, Caregivers and Creators of Life.

It may look difficult to you but trust me I tried to make it really easy for those people who can not Sculpt a face.As usual i used some basic things to make it which are easily available at home.Hope You will like it.

Materials used
Glass bottle, tissue paper, Modelling clay, Old doll to make face molds, Paper, Burlap sheet, Foam sheet, Beads, Gravel or sand, Glue, acrylic colors(black, metallic copper, metallic gold, green)

Here are the Links of the products used(For India)

Fevicryl Pearl Colors (For India)

Fevicryl Metallic colors(For India)

Fevicryl Acrylic colors(For India)

Fevicol Glue (For India)

Clay Modelling Tools(Plastic)(For India)

Clay Modelling Tools(Metal with wooden handle)(For India)

**Modelling Clay(For India)

Fevicryl Mould-it/Shilpkaar(Its a epoxy based quick drying clay)
I use similar to these

Craft Knife/Precision Knife(For India)

Paint Brushes(For India)

Glue Gun(For India)

***************** For United States ***********

Modelling Clay(For United States)

Metallic Paints(For United States)

Pearl Paints(For United States)

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