Resawing on a table saw tips with a Microjig Grr Ripper, Woodworking safety

Learn how to quickly Resaw wood using your table saw and a Grr-ripper from Microjig, this handy woodworking DIY tip can be used on small pieces of wood as well as larger ones.

Microjig Grr-Ripper here

Below is a transcript of the woodworking video.

Hey guys just a super quick video I've got this beautiful little piece of Mulga wood that I want to split in half, Mulga wood comes from the more arid regions of Australia on the east coast so its probably going to be near impossible to find overseas but you know if you can find it gorgeous being from an arid part of the country its very slow growing and that makes it really dense so this stuff is like rock its super hard so what I want to do is split it in half if I had a band saw which I would love Laguna Jet sponsorship maybe come on that would be the perfect tool for the job it would be nice and easy I don't have a band saw and I don't want to cut it in half with a handsaw because it will take me forever so I'm going to use my table saw so I'm just going to quickly show you how to use a Grr-ripper with the auxiliary fence how to do this fairly easy and safely I've just got a big lump of timber I glued double sided tape a couple of pieces together

We are going to sit the Grr-ripper on top the axillary fence has a little catch here so as it comes through its going to catch that wood and push it through so id have to worry about it pushing back at me so what we are going to do is set it all up so I can put my piece of wood there I'm going to butt up this piece of wood against it and I'm going to there is a couple of little notches in the front of these that you can just drive a screw into fairly easy one at the back now my center leg is pushing on top of the piece of wood so I don't have to readjust that so this is what I end up with so its going to go through the saw like that lets quickly make this cut

Then the next step is just to flip it down and then pass it through.

And there you go we have got it split in half pretty well little bit of sanding and we will be good to go for our next little woodworking project hope you like this quick trip quick tip.

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