🔮 How To Wire Wrap Round Stones & Marbles


I don't know why I never made a tutorial for this, but it was requested so I tried my best!
Some notes:

☾ The thumbnail isn't the same stone I'm wrapping in this video, it's a much better wrap job lol and a clearer image so that's why I used it. Also it's about the size of a regular marble, rather than the stone I'm using in the video which is bigger. The loop is also different, another option. http://i.imgur.com/f2waHwe.jpg

☾ That being said, you can use a smaller or larger stone/marble than what I am using in the video. This is all I had at the time.

☾ I should probably have cut my wires longer. In the video, I say to cut them where you'll be able to wrap them around the stone and double the height. For me, this was 5 inches. You should probably do triple the height to be safe, though I still managed.

☾ I used 4 piece of wire to make the "cage" (not including the 5th wire to tie them together). This made 8 "bars"/wires around the stone. If you'd like there to be less of a cage you can use 2 or three pieces, in which you will have 4 or 6 "bars" around the stone. I'm trying to make a cage metaphor to refrain from using the word wire so much I hope you understand ahhh

☾ I originally wanted to do a voiceover for instructions but don't have the time, do that's why I wrote it in the video. If there's any confusion, feel free to comment and I will try my best to help!! Also it was hard to film this so sorry for the out of shot parts!!


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