Building a Balsa Wood Surf Board

Got some choice balsa as long as I could get. Ordered some red foam stringers from US Blanks. Cut the rocker, spot glued the sticks, rough shaped and then knocked it apart to chamber it. Finished it up and rode some waves. 10'5 25 lbs. I call it the Waikiki Cruiser and that's where it's going: to Hawaii. I think it'll be the perfect board for Pops, Paradise, and small Threes. Minimal gentle rocker and 50/50 rails.
Saved some scraps from the stringers and sent them over to Juan Rodriguez. "Make me a fin," I said. "Ok", he said.
Here's a link to the webpage showing more photos of the build:
The music is from the soundtrack to "The Summer of '67" produced by Jay Yerkes and played by the Surf Chasers: Jay on Guitar and Bass with Dale King on Drums.