**FIXED** PS4 Turns On Then OFF // Beeps then Turns OFF


I tried everything: New power cable, testing the hard drive, replacing CPU thermal paste, and even wrapping the hard drive cable in electrical tape. A lot of forums persuaded me into testing the fan/fan sensor, but the fan isn't supposed to come on until the PS4 has booted up anyway. No hope. Then I noticed a faint clicking sound before the machine turned off. I decided it could only be one thing, the Power Supply.

I didn't mention this in the video, but the PS4 will Beep once (w/ blue light) when turned on, before turning back off. Also, it wouldnt stay on long enough to access SAFE MODE.

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Torx 10 Screwdriver/Bit
Phillips Head Screwdriver/Bit

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PS4 Blue Light Turns on for a few seconds then turns off.
PS4 turns on for a second then turns off.
PS4 turns on for a second, clicks, then turns of
PS4 Beeps then turns off.
PS4 Beeps then Clicks then turns off

Broken PS4 turns off automatically
Broken PS4 turns off immediately