Quick Kitchen Cabinet Pt 1

Build a kitchen base cabinet in two hours or less in your woodworking shop? Yes, you can!

Versatile, sturdy, and beautiful kitchen cabinets need not be daunting or expensive... in fact, they are easy to build. In this two-part video learn the methods to make kitchen cabinets with simple joinery and a basic kit of tools.

I used a table saw, jig saw, power drill, and miter saw. You could easily build these cabinets with just a circular saw, jig saw, drill and a shop-made straight-edge saw guide.

Build one cabinet like this and you will be ready to tackle an entire kitchen project. The simple base cabinet can be modified and re-sized easily... make double-door, single-door, and all-drawer cabinets by just changing the face frames. Tips in the videos show how to speed up the work without sacrificing quality or strength.

"Welcome To The Show," "Feelin Good," Hackbeat,” & "Hustle" all written and performed by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0