DIY Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor Coating using Slide Lok Garage Flooring Epoxy Kit

Courtesy DIY install video of our customer's home in Tucson, AZ. In less than a week this garage was transformed from ordinary to extraordinary.

Epoxy normally requires 2-3 days to install including preparation. The floor was prepped the week prior in the middle of summer and left to dry and air out. The floor was then installed in one day on a Saturday. Starting at 6 am with the base coat, a metallic coat around 12 pm, and a top coat around 6 pm. Summer temperatures in Tucson were high (over 100F) and aided in curing the epoxy quick enough to finish this job in just one day. The floor still required 5-7 days for a full cure before cars could be driven back on.

Slide-Lok does not recommend this type of flooring preparation. This video is for entertainment / DIY purposes only.

Prep: The floor was pressure washed and scrubbed with a cleaner and degreasing agent. The floor was then rinsed 3 times with water and a brush to remove all cleaning/degreasing agents. The floor was left to air dry and vent for a week before installing the epoxy.

Primer Coat: Installed a week later on a Saturday morning starting around 6-7am. This prime or base coat was installed at a 70% solids ratio thinned with urethane grade acetone (VOC exempt). The stem walls and expansion joints were cut in using 3" hand or chip brushes. Then the floor was rolled one square at a time. The guys let this coat dry for 5-6 hours, in the summer heat it was tack free by noon.

Mid coat: Around noon the guys did the mid coat. Thinned the epoxy to 85% solids using urethane grade solvent (acetone). The stem wall and expansion joints were again cut in using 3" chip brushes before rolling out each square. This coat was left to dry for 5-6 more hours until it was tack free.

Top coat: Around 6 pm the mid coat was tack free and the floor was ready for a top coat. The guys thinned the 100% solids epoxy to 90-95% solids for a thick top coat. The stem walls and expansion joints were cut in again using the same 3" brushes. Then the floor was then rolled out and back rolled to remove any visible rolling lines.

After the top coat the floor was finished. Remember, epoxy requires 5-7 days to cure, so you cannot drive back into the garage for 5-7 days.

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