Propane Tank Wood Stove

After hours of watching videos on people making propane tank stoves, I figured I'd give it a shot. I plan on installing in a office/man cave area so I wanted it to have sealable door. I am ready to build the next one! They are way too fun to build.

Since building this, I have found an Ebay seller whom I will from now on by my door discs from. Outstanding service. He had standard listings for 7.25" discs and I wanted 7.5". Contacted him and he made it happen....painlessly!


Materials - The following prices are estimates

20# Propane Tank - FREE
3/16" plate for the door and hinges - $7
2.250" exhaust pipe cut at a 45 for the air inlet in door - FREE
1/4" H.R. rod for door seal - tank side - $2
3/16" H.R. rod for door seal - door side - $2
8" piece of 4" exhaust pipe cut in half for ash pan - $2
12" piece of 4" exhaust pipe for chimney stub - $2
Brass drawer pull knob for ash pan - $1
3/8" H.R. rod for the door latch - $1
Valve spring for latch handle - FREE
3/8" steel bushing for handle rod to pass through the door - FREE
Salvaged cast iron grate from unknown grill - FREE
4 fire bricks standard size - $12
Fiberglass rope - $3
Misc. pipe for legs - FREE

I would say I have 8 - 10hrs into this stove build.

Thanks for watching!